Glad that you could join us here today. Our guest today is Dr. Bhaskar Srivastava
and he's joining us today as Director of Medical Affair and Dermatology at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. He's going to discuss some abstracts that
are being presented at the American Academy of Dermatology. Welcome doctor. How are you today? Thank you. I'm great. How are you? Great. A bit of background about yourself for our
listeners and then we'll jump right into this brand new development called "TREMFYA". I can give you some background about myself. So I'm a dermatologist and immunologist by
training. I did my MD and Ph.D. at the University of
Pennsylvania and my clinical training at Yale University. I finished up there in 2011 and stayed on
the faculty for a few years. I was in practice for few years after that
and then joined Janssen about two years ago, around the time that we were gearing up to
launch TREMFYA and it's been an exciting ride.

Now, talk about this long-term drug, why it
is so much better than what's already out there? The data speak to various strengths of TREMFYA. The first point that comes out is that you
see superiority to HUMIRA at all tested secondary endpoints. And so I think this gives very valuable information
to healthcare providers and patients regarding the superiority of Trial 2 HUMIRA which would
be a very commonly used and well-known drug. So I think that that is .1 in comparison to
what else is out there. How many people are we talking about that
was involved in the trials? The total number of TREMFYA patients in VOYAGE
1, if we're talking about the trials where we compared to HUMIRA, the total number of
patients and I'm sort of going off the top of my head here, to give you the exact number
but it was around 330 in VOYAGE 1 and almost 500 in VOYAGE 2. So let's say we're talking about 800+ patients
on TREMFYA and then I think it was around 330 patients in HUMIRA for VOYAGE 1 and, absolutely
which 2 numbers exactly.

So comparing over 800 TREMFYA patients to
700 HUMIRA patients. Is there any a significant change in how TREMFYA
is administered as opposed to HUMIRA or any other type drug for plaque psoriasis? There are various drugs both oral and injectable
that are FDA approved for even to moderate plaque psoriasis and the range is from oral
to intravenous to subcutaneous administration. TREMFYA is administered subcutaneously at
weeks. It's 100 milligrams, one injection a week,
0 for in every 8 weeks thereafter. It's basically a relief of symptoms that will
occur but not as frequently based on being injected every 8 weeks after we stood 4 and
8. Yes, so the injections are weeks 0, 4 and
then every 8 weeks thereafter, so 12, 20, 28. I think in terms of relief from symptoms,
patients have different degrees.

The primary endpoint was PASI 90 or as co-primary
endpoints, PASI 90 or IgA 01. So PASI 90 is a 90 percent improvement in
your psoriasis and IgA 01 is clear or almost clear of psoriasis. And so 7 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 patients
achieved that 700 PASI 90, 8 out of 10 or more actually for IgA 01, achieved those endpoints
in the trials. So those patients would expect that those
high degrees of clearance and we also tracked the degree of improvement in patient-reported
outcomes, right? which included signs and symptoms of psoriasis and pinned those excellent
responses in those domains.

Among those patients, there were patients
whose skin was completely clear of psoriasis and patients who achieved, patient-reported
outcome measures that were also showing no impact on the quality of life. Not necessarily all of those data are not
necessarily in our label but they are available in different abstracts and scientific conferences. So to answer your question there, some patients
can expect complete resolution of their psoriasis and their symptoms. And if our primary endpoint, many patients
can expect 90% or clear resolution of their psoriasis. Are there any limitations as to the availability
of TREMFYA? So I can only really speak to the United States
and Janssen is committed to ensuring excellent matters for TREMFYA. There are programs in place to help ensure
that to patients.

Now, where can we go online and learn some
more about TREMFYA and about Janssen Pharmaceuticals? You can go to Alright. Well, thank you so much. It's been a pleasure. I hope you come back and talk with us in the
future, okay? Absolutely, thank you so much. You've been listening to Health Professional
Radio. I'm your host, Neal Howard. Transcripts and audio of this program are
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