he still knows me I was long but now I am again there with a new format this formally it's about mark dem backes in this format it's simply like So me then you should go ahead only said the video was broken exactly something like me totally totally totally irrelevant fact it's about things I do deeply fit the following you I go my trap out the door in the morning because simply slept too much since and mega the kohldampf on muesli with beautiful cold milk and then you realize that the milk has broken down and The milk in the fridge put the damn thing because of the fact got warm at point two okay markkula and cool down it's point two, it's point 20 down you tube ads that open at once and here is a link below faded in if that is not there in three seconds then it strengthens but what makes us care about the video or when we want to look for a channel on youtube, it's really nice or suddenly you knock some shitty advertisement where you then happen to be on it did not come under this video 6 million 46 million people by chance on this video I figured out what was suddenly used up not at all planned by this shitty advertisement, I definitely do it too already happened finally sets my own channel searches i get on it ok point three points you probably know all of them if you've already done them you extremely stupid he thinks you know such a scarf this jamba advertisement or this mobile phone advertisement that looks something like you want to know if your crush suits you and if they really love you then find out now with the new bamberg just wants the five four three two one and give the name of your lover 1 unfortunately it didn't work out for mark and willi, save yourself one now a lot of argument and effort and get the new app from bamba makes such a [ __ ] I'll take this advertising that we are no longer to remove if you are you but who thinks would do such a [ __ ], I type in mine handy 1 fits gina lisa and me together if she is stuck with it the other in poland because he has a feeling for you and then vibrates nicely in his where are you going today I can't figure it out at all she thinks like that without shampoo with that I don't want or I love but in this little jamba saying stop just made wright called his comments have jokes western the koalas one crass video like now come down the video of course I don't take it seriously Of course I'm never like that, my mountain lasted until the last that was what it was built after make, thank you very much for the great feedback and the many likes thank you part 2 will definitely come are curious what it will be and you will get to other [ __ ] like the title already says do not know what is going there other [ __ ] maybe because of her You can also check in to mine in the lkh and you will know I'm back in game pitt presses play next bench

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