Are you here waiting for me? Yes. I have something to talk to you. Say it. What's the relationship between you and Gu Shengnan? She is my girlfriend. Are you serious? Do I have to tell you? CEO Lu, your business is all around the world. How do you stay beside her? Don't you know there are airplanes in this world? No matter how far the distance is is only about ten to twenty hours flight. No matter where am I doing my business As long as she needs me I will always there to help her. Then, do you know what is her dream? I will know it in the future. We have a lot of time in the future to know each other.

I will not only know, I will also help her to achieve it. Help her? How will you help her to achieve it? Giving up your business and accompany her to make soup? Can you accompany her every day, take care of her family, and take care of her life? Can you? It is not hard. What I said is every day! If both of us have each other in our hearts Is it so important to be together every day? This is your opinion.

Did you ask about Shengnan's opinion? You said so much just to tell me you can give her more happiness than me. right? Yes. You can't I can! You can't. Because Gu Shengnan loves me. She's mine..

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