No, but I almost dated a musician. Most attractive. It's probably the guitar. I.. for me… personally you You know that triangle thing. That thing does the worst. Hey guys, my name is Dav This one's for you Keep a shorty right next to me told her i'ma get my money first UPS split a half a pill of the next to see those are in my nerves Baggage shawty.

What a Tory Burch made an oath of my 21st. Any person not get personal with my baby girl I bring a arsenal cuz Oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I. I'm in love with your body. Oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I. I'm in love with your body I Dressed up a little better, you know, I wish darling Never in my wildest dreams I'll be loving you Never in my wildest dream My dreams come true You make me feel so young You make me feel there are songs to be sung, bells to be rung and a wonderful spring to be sprung And even when I'm old and gray, I want to feel the way I do Today cause you make me feel so young that Oh my god, okay, I'll eliminate Ava. I felt a little nervousness in his playing Thank you, I liked everyone, I don't want to eliminate them. I think…what else. I think he was a school teacher Yeah, as you don't really know like what the musical taste is gonna be. –David– Sorry I wanted to blow someone's mind.

I guess it was wrong of me to assume that anything I would do, will blows somebody's mind. and I'm sorry Dav or Jeff Dav Okay It's fine. She doesn't get it. She'll have to learn Maybe Brendan I thought going that way One more, huh? I don't remember his name. He was playing a guitar and something else with it. I didn't expect to be eliminated. Honestly. I thought I'd make it to at least around two. What would you play to impress your girlfriend? — I think I would play something that represents me, I guess– I know when musicians feel anxious or tired.

They always have this one thing they play to calm them down. What would you play? — This is another original one?– Okay Which of the compositions remind you of your childhood? –ooh, I actually I just wrote a song about my home– But I'm scared down to my bones It's not even Halloween. I mean If you're in the future have kids, what would you play for your kids? This piece means a lot to me, because it's what got me into composing.

If they stop your girlfriend and you need to apologize in front of her. window like in movies what would you sing? –Can I ask the audience something? Can they sing the song if they know it?— Sing something you would sing in the shower. Can love is more than I'm gonna give to you oh love is more than just a game for two two in love can make it. Take my heart, but please don't break it. Love was made for me and you Love was made for me and you Okay I eliminate Fernando, even though it's really good. Sorry Fernando. –No,it's really good.– I will eliminate Roman. Probably, oh my god… I'll eliminate Marc. I was the least deserving to be up there. These guys are so much more talented than me, and I was honored to be able to play with them.

Three guys left. Who am I talking to right now. — This is Andrew, hello.– Hi What's your goal in life? — Goal in life?– Yeah. It's to like never wear pants ever again. Never wear pants? Ok Do you want to be famous? I don't mind being famous. You don't mind you don't care either way. It's not the goal to be famous. It's the goal to change something or to be remember, even if it's like a closed industry. –Yeah, no totally– What's one thing you want to do more than anything? For a longest time.

I wish was just to be able to be so calm to turn off my phone, forget about everything and just be like laying on a grass. It may sound really stupid, but…– No, I totally get you. To unplug especially today. It's a gift, you got to take it when you can get it.– Do you have a lot of friends. Do you like hanging out with them or do you like to be alone? Yeah Yeah No friends? What else you can tell me about you? — I'm very sweaty. Are you also very sweaty?– I used to think that fame was what you were remembered by, because you're impacting the most amount of people but lately it's just like it's about the significance of who you impact, you know? –Yeah– Nice try I struggle with this shit all the time that's that's what it's like to be an artist I guess but Um It's kind of hard.

I liked all of them, I think from the three parts of the video, i mostly like every single time I like this one guy So I'll probably pick him just for that reason and I think we would have a lot of stuff to talk about so I pick Alec. Sorry other guys. Feel like so yeah But I would say something I wouldn't probably pick him out of a group if I saw him..

'cause… No… No., Not like that.. Because I'm more into guys with brown hair, brown eyes, but you have like light hair, blue eyes. No offence, You're ugly. Oh my god. But I would totally go out. — Of course.I'm always down to grab a drink.– I will convince you that, I'm maybe the one [? not sure] Isn't that so beautiful? –Debatable.– Okay, cool. Well you guys this is Phil and he's pretty amazing We also have this huge post-it wall in our office where we just like to get post-its You know from you from all over the world, he's not lying.

I've seen the wall. It exists There's post-its on it. Thank you for watching and follow us on Instagram and have a very good day. –Bye, guys!–.

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